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Carmina & La Reina Quinceanera Collection For
2020 - 2021

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For your special occasion trust the company that has been there helping the brides of America since 2005. We specialize in custom design, bridal gowns, and flower girls dresses. In addition we caterer to bridesmaids, prom, Quinceanera and mother of the bride attires. 

Rather you are celebrating a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or getting ready for prom we are your go to shop. Welcome to our online store!

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PLEASE be aware due to Covid-19 not all manufacturers are mass-producing; because of this issue some orders may not be fulfilled. Manufacturers can take up to 2 weeks before notifying us of a shortage issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but please be aware we are working hard at addressing the issue. If you are concern about an order please email us at myorder@syriennabridal.com or contact@bwdesignbridal.com


Celebrate Your Sweet 15/16

Because Life Is Worth Celebrating,

Besides You're Only 15/16 Once. 


Hey BW just wanted to say thanks. My daughters Quince dress is perfect. Tikka C.

This is an awesome wedding gown. The picture doesn't do it justice. Simone T.

I looked gorgeous at my prom. BW you guys rock!!!! Tiffany C.

OMG my bridal accessories are beautiful and fits my gown perfectly. Nicole V.

My sis is getting married 2020 and am so bringing her over to BW. Thanks for treating me like a queen and for the most gorgeous gown. Jessica P. 

If people don't know about BW yet they are missing out. So far this is one of the best bridal shop I've been to. Patrica K.

Wow, thanks for listening to what I wanted and not what you wanted to sell me. My gown came-out excellent! Rachel S. 

I cannot stop thanking BW enough. My wedding was so stressful, and by the time I found your store it was about time. Thanks for taking care of all the bridal attires for my wedding. Everything, I mean everything absolutely stunning.  Jasmine P.

I didn't think any bridal store beside Klienfield could actually impress me, but I have to admit, am impressed. My Pollardi gown was so beautiful it took my breathe away. My entourage was happy and my decision to buy from BW was on point. Couldn't believed i saved $450 off my dress and still got exactly the gown I wanted.  Nina W.
My cousin brought her wedding gown online from China, and it was nice. It wasn't perfect but nice enough. Since I didn’t  have a lot of money for my wedding I thought I’ll buy my gown from China too. Unfortunately, it didn't past my expectations at all. It just wasn't the gown I ordered from the picture. This was upsetting because the lace of the gown was freaking beautiful. Not wanting to lose all my money I had the gown altered to my size, and it just got worst from there.  Thanks to a co-worker shopping for her daughter's prom dress, I learned of BW, and thank God. My co-worker had ordered her first daughter's Quinceanera gown from BW and she was showing me the pics on her phone. I went to their website and when I saw the discount gowns online I was skeptical. I called and left a message and BW called back and asked me a few questions. From there everything worked out so perfectly. I got the best wedding gown I could affordable, and I was blown away at the quality. Thanks BW, I got the gown I wanted and for the right price.  Tamika M.
BW thank you so much. I didn't realize how important finding the right wedding gown was, and i am speechless. I look and feel so beautiful. I've been pretty before but I've never seen myself this beautiful. thank you thank you thank you. Melissa V 

We went to 7 different bridal stores to find my wedding gown and each of them the gowns were a few thousands. That to me is ridiculous for something that's only for a day. So, we went to David's Bridal, lets face it I can find a gown under $500. Well, at least that's what I thought. Unfortunately, I didn't connect to any of their gowns, and none of the ones my mom liked were below $500. Driving home we saw a bridal shop and mom said to stop, so we stopped. I was already disappointed not finding my gown at David's Bridal, the last thing I wanted was to try on more gowns. BW squeezed us into their schedule, but it was 2 hours later in the afternoon. We went to eat and we didn't go back for our appointment. 15 mins later after our appointed time, BW called to check to see if we're coming to the appointment. Surprisingly, they weren't mad, nor did they try to force us to keep the appointment. A week later mom called BW Design and made an appointment, which ended up being 2 months down the line and my wedding was 5 months away. So, I really didn't have my hopes up, I mean this was going to be our 8th bridal store. When we got to the appointment, BW surpassed our expectations. The gowns were beautiful, customer service was professional and kind, the atmosphere was pleasing, and that was the first time I was excited about finding my wedding dress. Although I didn't buy a $500 gown, but it wasn't way off the budget, and the quality was superb! I had finally found my gown and I couldn't stop smiling. I thanked my mom so much for finding BW and making a second appointment. I was a bit defeated with gown shopping, but BW made my experience the best ever.  Jessica C. 

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686 Rubber Avenue

N​augatuck, CT 06770

Grand Opening Jan 2, 2020

785 Main St. Manchester CT 06040

relocated to Naugatuck

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Grand Opening Augus 19, 2020

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